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 Eagle Canyon, 24x36 in, Print $425

  Eagle Eyes,  24x36 in,  Print $425

Golden Eagle Approach, 30x40 inches, $424, Signed Giclee print

Goshawk, 0il, 18x24, Print $4350                                                                            Peregrine Hunt, 20x30, $425 print

Anatum Peregrine,oil , 24x36, $425 print

Peregrine Takeoff, 20x30, $425.                    

Bald Eagle over Tamaracks, oil, 3ftx4ft, 24x36 print $425.    Eagle and the Falcon, 30x40,  print 24x36, $425

White Gryfalcon,20x30, $425.                                          Gryfalcon Stooping, 20x30, $425

Mystery Owl, oil, 18x24, $350 print

 The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area, oil , 24x30, $425 print

 Ospreys in the Teton Valley, oil, 24x36, $425, prints

The Harpy Nest, oil, 24x36, $425 print

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