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Traditional Paintings

    North Lake,  watercolor, 20x30, framed.   $800

The Herdsman, oil, 24x36, framed,  $1000

 The Devils Bedstead, oil, 24x40, framed   $1, 800

    Alpine Bay, oil, 24x36, signed print on canvas, $425

   The Rakers,  oil,  18x24, giclee print on canvas,  $300

    Winter Wind, palette knife oil, 36x36, gallery wrap, $1,800

   The Green Room, palette knife oil,  36x40 display frame, $2,800

    Hard Butte, oil, 24x36, giclee print, $425

   Morning Light, palette knife oil, 18x24, framed, $800

  California Coast,  oil,  12x14, framed,  $400